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Who can file for Adjustment of Status under Section 245(i)?

Section 245(i) of the immigration laws is a very important section, as it provides protection and eligibility for certain family members. The basic requirement of this section is a family petition filed before April 30, 2001. A labor certification or worker petition may also qualify. If you have determined that a petition for a family member has been filed with immigration prior to April 30, 2001, your family member may be protected under section 245(i). The benefits under this section include being able to receive a green card without leaving the United States even if you entered illegally, worked without authorization, or have been unlawfully present in the United States. After it is determined that you or a family member have met the basic requirement of  petition filed before April 30, 2001, it is important you contact an immigration attorney to continue your case. Section 245(i) only gets more complicated once the basic requirement has been met. In some instances, the family member must have been present in the United States on December 21, 2000. In other instances, spouses and children can also benefit from 245(i), even of they were not married or children born when the petition was filed. Protection under 245(i) is extremely beneficial, but it can be very complicated. It is highly recommended that you seek the advise of an experienced immigration attorney. Dorsett Immigration Law has the experience to help you determine if you or a family member are protected under Section 245(i). Protection under this section can ultimately lead to Adjustment of Status. Contact us now for your free consultation.