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Academic Students (F1 Visa)

If you would like to study as a full-time student in the United States, you will need a student visa. The F-1 Visa allows you to enter the United States as a full-time student at an accredited college, university, seminary, conservatory, academic high school, elementary school, or other academic institution or in a language training program. You must be enrolled in a program or course of study that culminates in a degree, diploma, or certificate and your school must be authorized by the U.S. government to accept international students. Also, you must be proficient in English or be enrolled in courses leading to English proficiency, have sufficient funds available for self-support during the entire proposed course of study and maintain a residence abroad which you have no intention of giving up.

If you want to study in the United States or you want your family member to go to school in the United States, an immigration lawyer may be able to assist you. Hiring an immigration attorney and starting the process correctly can lead to a faster and easier process in the future. Dorsett Immigration Law is experienced and available to assist you in the start of your application. Contact us now for your free consultation.