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Adjustment of Status (I-485)

Who can file for Adjustment of Status?

Adjustment of Status is one of the processes for receiving a green card or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status. Lawful Permanent Resident status allows a foreign national to live and work in the United States. The green card may be issued for as little as two years or as long as ten years. In order to apply for a green card, an approved petition is generally required. In many instances, the beneficiary may be able to adjust status to an without leaving the country. Additionally, in some cases the petition and application for a green card can be filed at the same time.

Factors that may determine if you are eligible to receive a green card are:

  • Relationship with the Petitioner
  • Immigration status of Petitioner
  • Age of Beneficiary
  • Nationality
  • Amount of Time in the United States
  • Date the petition was filed

If you wish to remain in the United States to live and work, a green card may be your best option. As a green card allows a foreign national to remain in the United States and even eventually apply for U.S. Citizenship, it can be the most important step in your immigration process. Applying for a green if you are not eligible can also be very damaging, leading to possible detention or even deportation. It is highly recommended that you seek the advise of an experienced immigration attorney. Our firm has the experience to help you get your green card. Contact Dorsett Immigration Law now for your free consultation.