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Appeal to the AAO (I-290B)

Can I appeal Immigration's denial of my case?

If you filed an application or petition with immigration and it was denied, you may be able to appeal your decision. There are different forms to appeal depending on what type of application or petition was denied. There are also different governing bodies that handle different appeals. If you filed a family petition for a family member, you must appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. This is also true for widows who filed after their spouse passed away. If you filed a petition for an immigrant visa based on employment, you need to file a different form with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). In addition to family and employment petitions, you can also appeal decisions on U visas, waivers, and temporary protected status. It is highly recommended that a legal brief is submitted with the appeal, and in some cases an oral argument can be requested. If your case has been denied, it is highly recommend that you that you seek the advise of an experienced immigration attorney to determine if you are able to file an appeal. Contact Dorsett Immigration Law now for your free consultation.