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Asylum is a form of relief available to immigrants with a fear of returning to their country. Asylum generally requires you to file within the first year of your arrival. If you entered the United States within the last year and have a fear of returning to you country, you may be eligible to affirmatively apply for Asylum. You must prove you have been persecuted or have a fear future persecution on account of one of the following:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Political Opinion
  • Membership in a Particular Social Group

The law and interpretation of the law for Asylum is always changing. Circuit and Appellate Courts are constantly determining what does and what doesn't qualify as a "particular social group" If you have a fear of returning to your country, Asylum may be an option for you. As courts are constantly changing who does and doesn't qualify for this form of relief, it is highly recommend you seek the advice of an immigration attorney who is up to date on the most recent developments in Asylum law. Dorsett Immigration Law is knowledgable of the developments and are helping advance and broaden who may qualify for Asylum. Contact us now for your free consultation.