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Other Work Visas

Working in the United States can afford you the opportunity to earn a good living and to advance in your career based on merit. For those who wish to work here, however, work permits and/or lawful legal immigration status are required.  For those interested in coming from another country to make valuable contributions to the United States while advancing their own careers, it is important to obtain the right type of visa.

Not all visas allow you to work while in the U.S., and some work visas allow you to stay and do your job for much longer than others do. Both individuals who wish to come and work in the U.S. and companies who wish to bring talented staff here should work with an experienced immigration attorney to find out which visa options are best for their needs.

Dorsett Immigration Law can help. We offer the type of boutique service that companies and other clients can depend on to achieve their goals for working in the United States. Give us a call today to find out how our legal team can help you to find the right work visa, apply for the visa, and get approved so you can begin to work.

What Types of Work Visas are Available? 

Many different types of work visas are available for those who wish to come and work temporarily within the United States. Examples of work visas include:

  • Work visas for seasonal agricultural workers (H-2A visas)
  • Temporary work visas for non-agricultural workers (H-2B visas)
  • Temporary training for foreign nationals (H-3)
  • Professional assignments for Canadian and Mexicans (TN visas)

Additional options also may be available to you to obtain the right to legally work in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis. Finding the right type of visa is the first step in an exciting process that can lead to tremendous new opportunities for you or your company.

Requirements for a Work Visa

Requirements for a work visa can vary greatly depending on the field you are in, your skill level and work experience, whether you are already working for a company that is opening a branch in the United States, and whether you have money to invest. You need to work with an experienced attorney to identify which visa(s) you are eligible for and to ensure you comply with all requirements. Dorsett & Zapata, PLLC represents individuals who want to come and work in the U.S. and can help explore all of their different options. 

In most cases, employers, not employees, must apply for work visas and fulfill requirements. We assist U.S. companies and multinational organizations that wish to sponsor foreign workers. We can explain how your business can take advantage of the opportunity to bring foreign nationals into the country to perform important jobs that help grow your organization.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help with Work Visas

With so many different work visas, it is vital to have an experienced immigration law firm guiding you through the process of obtaining a visa. Whether you are an employer, an employee, or an investor, Dorsett Immigration Law can help. Give us a call today to find out about the services we offer in connection with work visas and other immigration issues.