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Parole in Place

Do you have a family member that is or was an active member of the military? If so, you may be eligible for parole in place. Immigration has the power to parole immigrant into the United States for humanitarian reasons or public benefit. Immigration has determined being the family member of an active or retired military serviceman or woman weighs heavily in a grant of parole in place. You may not be eligible if you have any criminal history.

Parole in place has many benefits. It allows the person paroled to receive work authorization. It also acts a lawful entry into the United States and cures certain areas of inadmissibility that could affect our ability to adjust status to a lawful permanent resident. If you are married to an active or retired member of the armed forced, and you entered the United States without inspection, you may be eligible to receive a green card without exiting the United States. If you have a family member that is or was a member of the Armed Forces, it is recommended you consult with a experienced immigration attorney. Dorsett Immigration Law has experience in applying and receiving parole in place, as well as using this parole to receive a green card. Call now for your free consultation.