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Specialized Knowledge Employees (L-1B Visa)

Expanding a company's U.S. market is a daunting prospect for foreign entities, but the upside potential is enormous. Your business can expand an affiliated office in the United States to reach a market with immense buying potential. However, to be successful in the competitive U.S. business climate, you need your top talent to come and work in the U.S.

An L-1B Visa makes it possible for your company to sponsor certain workers for nonimmigrant visas that will allow them to come to the United States and expand business operations. L-1B Visas are for workers with specialized knowledge who are doing anintracompany transfer into a U.S. branch of a multinational organization. Obtaining such a visa can be difficult due to strict requirements, but Dorsett Immigration Law can help. Give us a call today to learn about what our immigration law firm can do to help your business bring some of your most skilled talent into the United States.

What is the L-1B Visa?

The L-1B Visa is one of many work visas available to allow temporary workers to come to the United States for a limited period of time and for a specific purpose. This particular nonimmigrant visa is available to allow employers to sponsor workers for visas if those workers have specialized knowledge of the interests of the organization.

An employer can sponsor a worker for an L-1B Visa which allows a foreign worker with specialized knowledge to travel to the U.S. and work within an existing affiliated branch of the sponsoring company. 

If a company looking to expand has not yet set up an office in the U.S., the worker with specialized knowledge could be given an L-1B Visa to come and open one, though a new office opening is met with increased scrutiny by immigration.  Dorsett Immigration Law can provide guidance regarding the rules for these workers

Requirements for an L-1B Visa

Employees who come to live and work in the U.S. under an L-1B Visa must be sponsored by their employer, who must submit Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.

When employers submit a petition, they must pay a fee. They should also make sure they meet the requirements for obtaining an L-1B Work Visa for an employee. Requirements include:

  • The company must be multinational.
  • The sponsoring company must have some type of qualifying relationship with a foreign company. The foreign company could be a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate, among other types of qualifying organizations.
  • Plans to do business in the United States must extend through the duration of the sponsored employee's stay in the country.
  • The business must be a viable one but does not have to be engaged in international trade.
  • The employee must have been working for the sponsoring company for one full year out of the past three years, and must have specialized knowledge about the company. This knowledge can related to products, research, services, techniques, management, equipment, and more.
  • The employer must have sufficient space to house the offices that the specialized employee will be starting or joining.

Additional requirements include mandating that an employer has the ability to compensate the worker who comes to the U.S. on the L-1B Visa. Dorsett Immigration Law can provide assistance in determining if a company and employee can meet the criteria for an L-1B Visa.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help with an L-1B Visa

Dorsett Immigration Law guides companies and employees throughout the process of applying for an L-1B Visa. We can assist with initial applications, as well as helping to get an extension of an employee's visa when necessary. Give us a call today to find out more about how our immigration firm can help you.