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Voluntary Departure

Voluntary departure may permit you, if you are facing deportation, to depart from the country at your own expense within a designated amount of time in order to avoid a final order of removal. However, voluntary departure is not available in all cases. 

Voluntary departure is preferable to a removal order for a number of reasons. If you are issued a removal order, you may be barred from reentering the United States for up to ten years and may be subject to civil and criminal penalties if you enter without proper authorization. If you voluntarily depart within the time ordered by the court, your departure will not be bar you from legally reentering in the future.

An individual may apply for voluntary departure either prior to a preliminary hearing or at the conclusion of proceedings, provided that the individual meets the necessary requirements.

However, there are significant penalties for failing to depart under a voluntary departure order. It is highly recommended you speak with an experienced immigration attorney to determine whether voluntary departure is your best option. Contact Dorsett Immigration Law now for your free consultation.